Our Rules

Our Rules – Pole Creek Ladies Golf

We have some local rules of golf that are expected to be understood and followed by our players.  Please take time to review them and know when to use them during play at Pole Creek.

Pace of play and Ready Golf– We play ready golf for all stroke play as per the 2019 Rules and that includes the putting surface.  Rules Rule 5.6b.states: Prompt Pace of Play. “Playing Out of Turn to Help Pace of Play. In stroke play, play “ready golf” in a safe and responsible way.  Everyone should be preparing for their shot or putt while others are getting ready to keep the Pace of Play going.”  Be safe and responsible, especially on the putting surface. It may not be responsible to step on someone’s line to putt out or one may choose to get a read from someone that has a putt further out.

You must play out all holes if you are playing in the competition for prizes.  If you pick up, you are no longer in the game, unless it is a team or partner game and your partner’s score is the one that counts,  If you pick up, you are no longer in the putt and chip pot. If you pick up, record your most likely score or your **ESC, whichever is less, with an X next to the score.  ** Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the maximum allowable score you can post based on your course handicap, and would be an adjustment of your actual score or your most likely score. Example of your most likely score: A player is just off the green in 4 strokes.  She takes 4 plus the number of strokes (chips and putts) she feels she would have had more than 50% of the time from that place just off the green.

Winter Rules may be in effect periodically during our season of play.  Winter Rules allow for lift, clean and place within the fairways only.

Enter all scores in GHIN (even those played at other courses) during season.  You can enter only nine holes as well.   Ask for help in pro shop if you need to adjust your score for handicap purposes.  Adjusting: when entering your score into the computer, the highest score you may take on a hole is equal to adding a 6 to the first digit of your handicap.  This is adjusting your score.

If there is a tie at the end of the two days for the club champion, the USGA Method (last 9, 6, 3, 1 holes) will be utilized for Tie breakers for Club Championship.

Please be at the course 40 minutes before tee off.  Your tournament chairmen depend on all players arriving ‘on time’ to be sure our pairings are correct.

Start out to your assigned hole at least 10 minutes before tee time.