2022 Winners

9.22.22 – Winners
Flight 1:
Low Gross:        1st     Pat Wischmann                   84            6 pts
                          2nd    Lori Myers                           94            3 pts
Low Net:            1st    Mary Byerrum                      80            6 pts
                           2nd  Madelyn Stevens                 87            1.5 pts
                                   Gigi Dominguez                   87            1.5 pts
Flight 2:
Low Gross        1st    Beth Daniel                            95           6 pts
                          2nd  Sandy Wiliams                     106    `    3 pts
Low Net            1st    Amber Butterfield                    69         6 pts
                          2nd  Jeanne Anne MacDonald       81        3 pts





Winners for Blind Nine Tournament are:

Flight 1 Low Gross

1st       Pat Wischmann                     8 Pts

2nd      Lori Myers                             2.5 Pts

            Bunny Potts                           2.5 Pts

Flight 1 Low Net

1st       Wendy Kohrt                         8 Pts

2nd     Madelyne Stevens                 5 Pts

Flight 2 Low Gross

1st       Beth Daniel                            8 Pts

2nd      Jeanne Anne MacDonald      5 Pts

Flight 2 Low Net

1st       Laura Gray                             8 Pts

2nd      Sandy Williams                      5 Pts

Winners for today’s 3 Clubs and Putter are:
Flight 1 Low Gross
1st    Pat Wischmann        93            8 pts
2nd   Mary Byerrum          95            2.5 pts
         Wendy Kohrt            95            2.5 pts
Flight 1 Low Net
1st    Linda Moore            77            8 pts
2nd   Kris Ramer              82            5 pts
Flight 2 Low Gross
1st    Jeanne Anne MacDonald        101        8 pts
2nd   Madelyn Stevens                     104        5 pts
Flight 2 Low Net
1st    Andrea Singleton                    76            8 pts
2nd   Nancy Carmack                      78            5 pts
Just a reminder:  These scores will NOT be posted to GHIN


September 1st: Tweet Tweet!
Net game only today.
Two flights and lots of ties.
First flight-
3 way tie for 1st, so only first place winners-
Awarded 6 points each
Wendy Kohrt
Pat Wischmann
Janet Conneely
They each had six net birdies or less

Second flight
2 way tie for first
Awarded 6 points each
Kathy Kopp and Darlene Klancke
They each had six net birdies or less
3 way tie for third place,
Awarded one point each
Mary Brooks
Sally LeClair
Laurie McPhee
They each had five net birdies or less

First Flight Gross Scoring  1st Place CLUB CHAMPION: Deb Kohlwey
2nd Place – Mary Byerrum
Net Scoring  1st flight : (tie) Cindy Moynahan & Lori Myers
2nd Place – (tie) Kris Ramer & Sue Seemann
Second Flight Gross Scoring 1st Place Julie Richards*
2nd Place – Sue Brooks
3rd Place – Diane Bishop
Net Scoring 2nd Flight: Jeanne Anne MacDonald *
2nd Place – Norma Colosimo
3rd Place (tie)- Laura Gray & Mary Brooks 
Jeanne Anne tied Julie Richards for Low Gross in Flight 2, and her Low Net score was 13 under par combined for the two days, the only person in the field to have an overall under par net score.  


August 19th – Four in a Flight Results:
Today’s winners are:
Julie Richards                                            76
Cindy Moynahan                                        75
Madelyne Stevens                                      74
Linda Wenzek-Barth                                  69
Jeanne Anne MacDonald                           81
Deb Kohlwey                                              75
Mary Regehr                                              72
Helen Brown                                               74
Sandy Williams                                           79

Scores are Net Scores and all winners received 8 points.Putts:
First Place: Mary Byerrum w/30 putts
Three-way Tie for Second Place: Helen Brown, Nancy Carmack, and Lori Myers with 31 putts each
Tie for Third Place:  Mary Brooks and Deb Kohlwey with 32 putts eachChip-ins:
Kate LaBelle had two chip-ins
Julie Richards had one chip-in
August 11th Modified Stableford
Flight 1:
1st            Lisa Neary             38 points                8 pts
2nd (tie)   Cindy Moynahan   36 points                4 pts
Pat Riddell             36 points                4 pts
Flight 2:
1st            Stacy Hoffer            39 points                8 pts
2nd           Pamela Ortell          38 points                5 pts
3rd Tie      Linda Moore            34 points               1.5 pts
                 Madelyn Stevens    34 points                1.5 pts
Flight 3:
1st            Kate LaBelle            39 points                8 pts
2nd           Kathy Kopp              34 points                5 pts

3rd            Beth Daniel              33 points                3 pts


First Place (tie) Deb Kohlwey & Cindy Moynahan 29 putts each
Second Place Sandy Williams 30
Third Place (tie) Pat Riddell, Beth Daniel & Madelyne Stevens 31 puttsChip-ins:
Pat Wischmann, Kathy Kopp, Linda Moore
August 4th Best Ball Twosome 
Low Gross:
1st           Lisa Neary and Norma Colosimo                73                8 pts each
2nd Tie    Mary Byerrum and Beth Daniel                   82                4 pts each
                Deb Kohlwey and Dar Klancke                   82                4 pts each
Low Net:
1st            Helen Brown and Julie Richards                59                8 pts each
2nd           Linda Moore and Madelyn Stevens            64                4 pts each
3rd Tie      Wendy Kohrt and Kathy Stromberg            66                3 pts each
                 Bunny Potts and Mary Brooks                    66                3 pts each


Putts – First Place:  Lisa Neary with 26 putts
Tie for Second Place:  Deb Kohlwey and Julie Richards with 30 putts each
Tie for Third Place:  Pat Riddell and Kris Ramer with 31 putts each

Chip-ins:  Julie Richards had two Chip-ins, and Nancy Carmack had one Chip-in.


July 28th, 2022 Gold Tees / Red Tees

Flight 1 Gold Tees:
Low Gross    1st    Wendy Kohrt        88        8 pts
                      2nd   Deb Kohlwey       90        5 pts
                      3rd    Kerri Lambert       91       3 pts
Low Net        1st    Stacy Hoffer           71       8 pts
         Tie       2nd   Mary Byerrum        72       4 pts
                              Pat Wischmann      72      4 pts
Flight 2 Red Tees:
Low Gross   1st    Andrea Singleton    102    8 pts
                     2nd   Beth Daniel             103   5 pts
                     3rd    Amber Butterfield    109   3 pts
Low Net        1st    Julie Richards           70    8 pts
             Tie    2nd   Norma Colosimo      73   4 pts
                               Laura Gray               73   4 pts
First Place:  Lisa Neary (27 putts)
2nd Place:  Helen Brown and Beth Daniel (30 putts each)
3rd Place:  Sue Seemann and Kris Ramer (31 putts each)
Chip-ins:  Beth Daniel with TWO Chips, Andy Singleton, Pat Wischmann, Dar Klancke, and Pam Buderus with one each


July 21, 2022  Low Gross, Low Net

Flight 1: 
Low Gross       1st     Pat Riddell        87 (8 pts.)
                         2nd    Kerri Lambert,   89 (5 pts)
Low Net            1st   Mary Byerrum    74 (8 pts)
                         2nd   Susan Odneal    80 (5 pts)
Flight 2:
Low Gross        1st   Cindy Moynahan    89 (8 pts)
                        2nd    Linda Moore           96 (5 pts)
Low Net            1st    Nancy Carmack     75 (8 pts)
                         2nd   Sue Seeman          76 (5 pts)
Flight 3:
Low Gross        1st   Beth Daniel            100 (8 pts)
                        2nd    Andrea Singleton    106 (5 pts)
Low Net            1st   Diane Bishop             74 (8 pts)
                Tie   2nd    Linda Wenzek-Barth, Laurie McPhee    82 (2.5 pts each)
1st place Kerri Lambert 30
2nd (tie) Pam Buderus, Mary Byerrum 31
3rd (tie) Lori Myers, Diane Bishop, Linda Moore and Cindy Moynahan 32
Chip Ins
Jeanne Nicoulin, Pam Buderum, Dar Klancke, Cindy Moynahan
July 14, 2022 Solheim Cup 

Congratulations to Team Europe! They retain the cup with a 1 point win over Team USA.

7.7.22   Match Play Results
Winners – awarded 4 point each
Brenda Peterson, Norma Colosimo, Mary Byerrum, Linda Wenzek- Barth, Linda Moore, Pat Wischmann, Deb Kohlwey, Wendy Kohrt , Sue Brooks, Kathy Kopp, Julie Richards, Pam Buderus, Beth Daniel, Madelyn Stevens

Tied with 2 points each
Rose Reed and Maggy Helm
Jeannie Nicoline and Sandee Williams

Beth Daniel, Deb Kohlwey, Wendy Kohrt, Kate LaBelle


6/30/22 Cha, Cha, Cha Cha

1st Place:  Wendy Kohrt, Madelyn Stevens, Norma Colosimo & Kathy Kopp To Par Net: -14   8 points each
2nd Place:  Deb Kohlwey, Linda Moore, Julie Richards & Laura Gray            To Par Net: -13    5 points each
3rd Place:  Mary Byerrum, B(Helen Brown), B(Julie Richards), B(Kathy Kopp) To Par Net: -7   3 points (Mary & Helen)
The names in parentheses are blind draws since the original members of the team stopped playing before the end of the round.
Since Julie and Kathy won points for their 1st and 2nd place team finishes, they do not get points for the blind draw results.
First Place – Maggy Helm 26 putts
Second Place – Deb Kohlwey 27 putts
Third Place – Mary Brooks 32 putts
No Chip-ins

6/23/22 Pole Creek Ladies Invitational Winners!

1st Place Team Score: 68
Deb Kohlwey
Terry Hoffman
Natalia Claney
Christy Downing

2nd Place Team Score: 69
Pat Wischmann
Wendy Kohrt
Sally Leclair
Lisa LeClair Waldorf

3rd Place Team Score: 69
Sue Seemann
Cindy Moynahan
Kerri Lambert
Angela Sandstrom

4th Place Team Score: 71
Rose Reed
Tamara Davis
Shelly Kilgas
Kris Ramer

DFL Score: 83
Darlene Klancke
Peggy Barbour
Sue Brooks
Pam Buderus

Contest Holes
Closest to the Pin – Natalia Claney & Pat Wischmann
Longest Putt: Deb Kohlwey & Mary Byerrum
Longest Drive: Deb Kohlwey & Stacey O’Brien


June 16th, 2022 Criss Cross
Low Gross
Flight 1:  1st Place     Cindy Moynihan    33    8 points
               2nd Place    Lisa Neary            36    5 points
Flight 2:  1st Place    Julie Richards       38    8 points
               2nd Place   Amber Butterfield  40    5 points
Low Net
Flight 1:  1st Place    Kris Ramer            29    8 points
     Tie     2nd Place   Mary Byerrum       32    2.5 points
                                  Pat Riddell            32    2.5 points
Flight 2:  1st Place    Kathy Stromberg  26   8 points
    Tie      2nd Place   Diane Bishop        30   2.5 points
                                  Sally LeClair         30   2.5 point
Putts :

First Place 29 putts – Cindy Moynahan
Second Place 32 putts – Kris Ramer
Third Place 33 putts – Mary Byerrum
Chip-Ins: Cindy Moynahan, Diane Bishop & Maggy Helm


6/9/22 –  Uno, Dos, Tres:

1st Place: Wendy Kohrt, Katie Simpson, Andrea Singleton, Sally LeClair   ​ ​   Net: -18     8 points each
2nd Place:  Deb Kohlwey, Sue Brooks, Pam Buderus, Kathy Stromberg      ​  ​Net: -16     5 points each
3rd Place Tie:  Mary Byerrum, Cindy Moynahan, Kate LaBelle​, ​Beth Daniel
Susan Odneal, Kris Ramer, Sue Seeman, Lau​ra Gray                                 ​    Net: -13  1.5 points each 
First Place ​- ​30 putts – Cindy Moynahan
Second Place ​(tie)- ​31 putts – Sue Br​ooks & ​Kris Ramer
Third Place ​- ​32 putts – Deb Kohlwey, Pat Riddell had one Chip-In​   
Chip Ins
Deb Kohlwey two
6/2/22 Drop It

Flight 1: Low Gross
1st Place:     Cindy Moynahan 70
2nd Place:    Rose Reed 71
Low Net:
1st Place:    Kris Ramer 60
2nd Place:   Terry Hoffman 62
Flight 2: Low Gross
1st Place:    Nancy Carmack 73
2nd Place:   Madelyn Stevens 76 
Low Net
1st Place:    Mary Brooks 57
2nd Place:   Amber Butterfield 57
First Place, 29 putts (tie):  Lori Myers and Cindy Moynahan
Second Place, 30 putts:  Katie Simpson
Third Place, 31 putts:  Nancy Carmack and Kerri Lambert
Chips-Ins:  Susan Odneal (Ridge #4) and Pat Wischmann (Ridge #2)

5/25/22 Low Gross and Low Net: 
Flight 1 Low Gross: 1st Place, Terry Hoffman 90 (8 pts). 2nd place, Kerri Lambert 94 (5 pts)
Flight 2 Low Gross:  1st Place Julie Richards 102 (8 pts). 2nd Place, Kris Ramer 104 (5 pts.)
Flight 1 Low Net (tie): Maggy Helm and Pat Wischmann 77 (6.5 pts each)
Flight 2 Low Net: 1st Place, Amber Butterfield 70 (8 pts). 2nd Place, Pam Buderus 78 (5 pts)
1st Place – Rose Reed & Pam Buderus 31 putts
2nd Place – Julie Richards 32 putts
3rd Place –  Nancy Carmack & Terry Hoffman – 33 putts
No Chip-ins