2024 League Schedule

2024 Pole Creek Ladies Golf League Weekly Play Schedule

Wednesday-May 29             LADIES SPRING GOLF LUNCHEON
Fontenots-11:30AM   Take this opportunity to meet new club members and get insights to the upcoming season. Opportunities for signing up for the PCLG Invitational will be available as well as a sign up to choose “Favorites” to play on Aug 28th. Fontenot’s does a great job of providing lunch and a place for us to socialize. Mark your calendar now!

Thursday-May 30                 LOW GROSS AND LOW NET  Meadow/Ranch  Prizes will be awarded for low gross and low net.

Thursday-June 6                   BAD BAD BALL  Ridge/Meadow  Players will drop their 3 worst holes after the game is played.  Enter gross scores, Golf Genius will do the rest. Prizes for low gross and low net.

Thursday-June 13                 UNO DOS TRES  Meadow/Ranch   Each team will consist of a randomly created ABCD combination. Each player will play their own ball and record their gross scores.  Uno: on all Par 5’s, the 1 best ball will be chosen. Dos: On all Par 4’s, the 2 best balls will be chosen. Tres: On all Par 3’s, the 3 best balls will be chosen.

Thursday-June 20                 MUTT & JEFF  Meadow/Ranch    Each person plays their own ball.  Only scores on the Par 3’s and Par 5’s will count.  Prizes for low gross and low net.

Thursday-June 27                 2024 POLE CREEK LADIES CLUB INVITATIONAL Meadow/Ranch (Shotgun Start)                 Ladies only scramble tournament is open to Grand County Residents, 2nd homeowners and friends. Prizes and fun contest holes. Fee TBD

Thursday-July 4                    FOUR IN A FLIGHT   Ridge/Meadow   Winner is the low net score in each foursome. Participating golfers are listed in order by handicap and teams are formed by going down the line and assigning the foursomes in order.  You are only competing against the ladies in your foursome with like handicaps.

Thursday-July 11                  ONES  Meadow/Ranch   Only holes that start with O-N-E-S will count in this game. Prizes will be awarded for low gross and low net.

Thursday-July 18                  SOLHEIM CUP Meadow/Ranch  (Shotgun Start)  On each hole, Player A from each team hits their team’s respective tee shots. Then Player B from each team hits the second shot.  The third shot is hit by Player A and so on, until the ball is holed.  Players drive on alternate holes regardless of who last putted on the previous hole.  The team in each foursome with the lower score wins the hole.  Use Match Play rules.  Sample scorecard is in the locker room. Teams will be determined by Solheim Captains. SIGN UP EARLY to help Captains set the teams and matches.

Thursday-July 25                  GOLD TEE DAY/Red Tee Option for HI ≥ 26 Meadow/Ranch  Players with Handicap Index (HI) equal or less than 25.9 MUST play from the gold tees. Players with a HI equal or greater than 26.0 may play from the red tees.  Prizes awarded for both low gross and low net for both red and gold tees.

Thursday-August 1               NET BEST BALL TWOSOME  Ridge/Meadow    Everyone plays own ball but the score that counts will be the better score of the twosome.  If you are playing in a threesome, use the best ball of the three.  Net winners only.

Thursday-August 8               STABLEFORD  Meadow/Ranch  Record your gross score.  Golf Genius will compute your Stableford score based on Net score.  Points awarded as follows: Triple Eagle or better:  6 points, Double Eagle:  5 points, Eagle:  4 points, Birdie:  3 points, Par:  2 points, Bogey:  1 point, Double Bogey:  0 points, Triple Bogey or worse:  -1 point.

Thursday-August 15             CHA CHA CHA  Meadow/Ranch  No, it’s not a dance.  It’s a twist on a traditional four ball format.  On the first hole, you count the best ball of the foursome.  On the second hole, you count the best two balls.  On the third hole, count the best three balls.  The process then repeats.  All you do is enter your gross scores.  Golf Genius will do the rest.

Wednesday-Aug 21               CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP DAY #1 Ranch/Ridge

Thursday-August 22             CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP DAY # 2  Meadow/Ranch  (Shotgun Start) Annual End of Season Luncheon follows Day Two.


Wednesday-Aug 28               FAVORITES  Meadow/Ranch   PCLG Favorites– Attend the Spring Luncheon on May 29 at Fontenot’s and sign up for your favorite holes on Meadow/Ranch. You will have the opportunity to choose 2-Par 3’s, 2-Par 5’s and 5 Par 4’s. A consensus of the top favorite holes will be used for this game day.

Wednesday- Sept 4               BLIND NINE  Ranch/Ridge     Tournament Chairs will decide which nine holes count but will not announce it until the end of play.

Wednesday-Sept 11              THREE CLUBS AND A PUTTER  Meadow/Ranch    Choose 3 clubs and a putter for your golf bag.  Leave the rest of your clubs in the car. Record gross scores on scorecard.  Scores can NOT be posted for this game. 

Wednesday-Sept 18              FRIENDLY FOURS  Meadow/Ranch    Only scores on the pre-determined Par 4’s will count. Prizes awarded for low gross and low net.

Wednesday-Sept 25              NASSAU  Meadow/Ranch   No prizes awarded…..this is just for fun.
The pro shop wanted all our prize money awarded by this date, so spend your winnings!

Wednesday-Oct 2                  OPEN PLAY    Ranch/Ridge    Tournament chairs will set up and send out the tee sheet for pairings. No prizes awarded…..this is just for fun.

Wednesday-Oct 9                  OPEN PLAY    Thanks for a great season!!  Meadow/Ranch   Tournament chairs will set up and send out the tee sheet for pairings. No prizes awarded…..this is just for fun.

Sign up or cancel online before 6 pm Monday for the following Thursdays play on Golf Genius www.golfgenius.com. After the Club Championship please sign up or cancel by 6:00pm on the Sunday prior. Be sure to click on SAVE and WAIT for the save to process before going to another webpage. Golf Genius locks out access to sign-up or cancel at 6 pm.  If you must cancel after that time, CALL the club house and let the pro shop know. TEXT Pat Wischmann, 303-913-2547, or Lisa Neary, 860-670-7322 and your playing partners to let them know you will not be attending.  Texts are preferred to calls.  

We will do our best to mix up the weekly pairings.  Special requests and last-minute cancellations make this more difficult.  Please bear this in mind to be considerate of everyone in the club.

We will be doing tee times again this year with, hopefully, a few social events and shotgun starts. Days, starting times, games and course played may be adjusted when necessary. Plan on playing all 18 holes. If you wish to only play 9 holes please do so outside of our league play.

When playing Ridge/Meadow, Ridge is the Front 9 on your scorecard. When playing Ranch/Ridge, Ranch is the Front 9 on your scorecard. Record your Gross Score legibly on the scorecard. Tournament chairs will compute game score.
Keep putts for the foursome on a separate scorecard. CIRCLE YOUR GROSS BIRDIES

At least 2 players must sign the Master scorecard. Preferably, all 4 players should sign the scorecard.  Your signature verifies that each hole score, front 9, back 9 and total 18 hole score is correct. All players should keep their own scorecard and putts to verify the master scorecard accuracy before handing it in to the tournament chairs. Please double check your addition.

Please bring scorecards to the clubhouse immediately after completion of play and not after taking clubs to the car. Thank You.