Solheim Cup Rules


–     Match Play rules apply. (Competition is scored by number of holes won rather than strokes in an 18 hole round).
–     Players alternate shots: (Players from each team take turns playing a single ball…beginning with the tee shot…ending with the hole in the cup)
–     Each pair of team members must decide before start of play which player will tee off from odd numbered holes & even numbered holes (REMINDER: your second 9 holes begin play on hole #10 and follow thereafter…do not use the ‘back nine’ holes’ numbering as it appears on the Pole Creek scorecard)
–     Teams may concede any putt or any hole.
–     Playing out of turn is a penalty of loss of hole. (Opponents can ask to play the shot over, be mindful of this potentially happening on the greens)
–     Since the Solheim Cup is being played in Europe, Team USA will be announced first and have honors on the 1st hole.
–     Be mindful of pace of play and try to keep play moving.

Every match won tallies 1 point for the winning team.
Every match loss tallies 0 points for the losing team.
Every match ending all square tallies ½ point for each team.
Please indicate the winner of the match on your score card in large print. USA or EUROPE