Weekly Play

Weekly Play Details

The Tournament Chairs create the weekly game selection. The intention is to have a wide variety of games during the season that allow many players to ‘win’.  Both gross and net scores are used for most games thus creating two sets of winners.

The Tournament Chairs do all the pairings. We will do our best to mix up the pairings and start holes. Special requests and last minute cancellations make this more difficult, so please bear this in mind and be considerate of everyone in the club. Please contact tournament chairman (Mary Byerrum and Pat Wischmann) for special requests. Sign up deadline is 6pm Monday prior to Thursday’s game via golfgenius.

Sign up

Sign up for weekly play before 6pm Monday for the following Thursday’s play in Golf Genius.

If you need to cancel, go to your golfgenius.com account and remove yourself BEFORE 6PM MONDAY.

If you must cancel after Monday (when pairings are set), promptly contact either of our Tournament Chairs.

Prior to play beginning, each group (typically foursome) is  given an official scorecard located inside Pole Creek front doors. One person is chosen (by the group) to record the scores on the card. This is the official record of play that is turned in to Tournament Chairs after completion of the round.

Players then check in with Pro Shop to announce attendance and pay golf fees (if applicable).  Scores are tallied according to the game being played. Each player should also keep their own scorecard.


  • Record Gross Score legibly on scorecard unless otherwise specified.
  • Circle your gross birdies.
  • Keep Putts for the foursome on a separate scorecard.
  • Master scorecard should be signed by the scorekeeper and signed to attest by at least one other player.
  • All players should keep their own scorecard and putts to verify with the master scorecard before handing in to the tournament chairs.
  • Team games – switch scorecards with other team.
  • Club Championship – switch scorecards.


Winners are determined by the Tournament Chairs based on the game played.  Both gross and net are typically calculated.  Weekly Winners are posted on this website weekly winners.


Ringers are calculated using Thursday play only, beginning at the start of the 2023 season. It will be calculated using GolfGenius’ capabilities. Your first set of scores, by hole, by nine are tallied. This is your baseline. Thereafter, any time you play on Thursday, your hole scoring will be updated with the improved score on that hole.  This continues through the season and ends after the first day of the Club Championship. Your best scorecard is considered your “Ringer” score. Ringers are only calculated for Meadow/ Ranch.


Pole Creek Ladies Golf have a fun way to acknowledge any of our group who makes a Hole-In-One during our league play on Thursday mornings!

All players are eligible to ‘win and buy the drinks’ with your hole in one. If you make a hole-in-one during our golf season (during Thursday league play) will ‘pay’ for drinks for all who wish to join in the fun after golf.  (Actually, the Treasurer covers the cost of the bar bill, in your honor). Should we have no hole-in-one winner, we will continue to roll-over the pot and it keeps growing.