Match Play

Match Play

“Match play” is a competition format in which the round is played with the goal of winning individual holes.  Scoring is kept by comparing the holes won by each player. If each has won the same number of holes, the match is said to be “all square“. If you have won 4 holes and your opponent has won 3, you are said to be “1-up” while your foe is “1-down.”  Final score reflects the margin of victory and the hole at which the match ended. If the match goes the full 18 holes, the score would be 1-up or 2-up. If it ends before the 18th, the score would look like “3-and-2” (the winner was 3 holes up with only two holes to play, thus ending the match early).

For $5 fee, any and all members are encouraged to participate in Match Play. PCLGA play with two flights based on handicaps. The first match begins in June.  The final match (determining the winner) must be played according to the schedule.  Match dates are coordinated between the players.  Please let the Pro Shop know you are playing a Match Play event so they can coordinate play around your match.

Any questions? Contact Linda Moore, Match Play Chair 970.531.8129

2024 Schedule:



Here’s more details: Match Play Tournament Rules