Weekly Winners

 Congrats To The 2018 Weekly Winners

LAST DAY OF LEAGUE PLAY! September 27th “Bingo, Bango, Bongo”. The first player in the group to get the ball on the green gets a point (Bingo). Player whose ball is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green gets a point (Bango). Player who first holes the ball into the cup gets a point (Bongo). Prizes awarded to the most points awarded.

1st & 2nd Place (tie): Cindy Moynahan, Mary Byerrum (15 points $9 each)
3rd & 4th Place (tie): Diane Bishop, Lori Myers (14 points $5 each)

1st Place: Mary Byerrum (27 putts $5)
2nd Place: Kris Ramer (32 putts $3)
3rd,4th,5th Place (tie): Julie Richards, Gigi Dominguez, Mary Brooks (33 putts $1/each)
Chip In
1: Kris Ramer $11

September 20th “Criers and Whiners”.  This is a game of do-overs. 50% of your course handicap = the number of mulligans you can use from any point on the course. You cannot use a mulligan on your first tee shot of the day and no shot can be replayed twice.
1st place: Maggy Helm  83  $10
2nd place: Mary Byerrum  85  $8
3rd place: Lori Myers 86  $6
4th place: Diane Bishop 93 $4
5th place: Jeanne Anne MacDonald 100  $2
6th place: Madelyne Stevens  101  $2

September 13th “Nassau 2Person Best Ball “. Partners assigned. Both players play the hole. Best player’s score used for the team. Prizes awarded for lowest gross for front 9, back 9 and 18 hole total for two flights.  After play, “The Horserace” See details below.
1st Flight
18 Holes: Susie Noel/Diane Bishop* 83 $6/each
Front 9: Lori Myers/Kerri Lambert 42   $3/each
Back 9: Linda Moore/Helen Brown*  42 $3/each

2nd Flight 
18 Holes: Linda Seale/Jeanne Anne MacDonald* 88 $6/each
Front 9: Pat Venzke/Sandy Williams 44 $3/each
Back 9: Sue Seeman/Norma Colosimo 46 $3/each

“HORSERACE” 14 players opted in and play began on Ranch #1. Players eliminated with highest scores on the hole. Those who made the ‘cut’ continued to next hole. Elimination process continued until a winner was crowned. 
Winner: Susie Noel  (4th hole $10)
2nd Place: Janet Conneely (4th hole $7)

1st Place: Linda Moore (30 $7)
2nd Place: Julie Richards (32 $5)
3rd Place (tie): Sandy Williams, Lori Myers (33 $3/each)
Chip Ins
HOLE IN ONE! Mary Regehr $8.50 AND Hole-In-One Pot 
One: Sandy Williams $8.50*Those with an asterisk won in 2 categories and they were awarded the winning with the highest payoff.

September 6th “Aces Wild”. Gross score minus all 1 putts. There were gross and net winners.
Low Gross
1st Place: Mary Byerrum*  79  $10
2nd Place: Lori Myers  83  $8
3rd Place: Linda Moore  87  $6

Low Net
1st Place: Jeanne Anne MacDonald*   55  $10

2nd & 3rd Place Tie: Mary Regehr* & Madelyne Stevens  64  $7 each

1st Place: Mary Byerrum (28 $5.50)
2nd Place (tie): Mary Brooks, Kerri Lambert, Linda Moore (31 $2.50 each)
3rd Place (tie): Lori Myers, Beth Daniel (32 $1.50 each)
Chip Ins
Two: Beth Daniel $8
One (tie): Madelyne Stevens, Pat Riddell $4 each
*Those with an asterisk won in 2 categories and they were awarded the winning with the highest payoff.


August 30th  “Circle 9”  Players circle 9 holes they want to count BEFORE teeing off. Subtract 50% of the handicap for net score.
Low Gross
1st  *Mary Byerrum 39  $10
2nd  Lori Myers  42   $8
3rd  Cindy Moynahan  44  $6

Low Net
1st/ 2nd Tie  Betty Williams and *Nancy Carmack   31   $9
3rd *Jeanne Anne MacDonald  31.5  $6

*Those with an asterisk won in 2 categories and they were awarded the winning with the highest payoff.

1st (tie): Lori Myers, Diane Bishop 32 ($4/each)
2nd (tie): Betty Williams, Maggy Helm 33 ($2.50/each)
3rd (tie): Mary Brooks, Pat Riddell 34 ($2/each)
Chip Ins
1 each (tie): Mary Brooks, Kris Ramer, Marie Johannes ($6 each)

August 22&23 “Club Championship”
Low Gross Flight 1
  1st  *Susie Noel  167  $75
  2nd  Deb Kohlwey  180  $30
  3rd  *Cindy Moynahan  186  $25
Low Net Flight 1
  1st  *Mary Byerrum  133  $35
  2nd  Jeanne Anne MacDonald  140  $30
  3rd   Maggy Helm  143  $25
Low Gross Flight 2
  1st   *Marie Johannes  198  $50
  2nd  *Julie Richards  199  $30
  3rd  Sue Seemann  204  $25
Low Net Flight 2
  1st/ 2nd Tie Mary Brooks and Linda Wenzek-Barth 141  $32.50
  3rd  Norma Colosimo  146  $25
Those with an asterisk won in 2 categories and they were awarded the winning with the highest payoff.
Additional Awards:  (All 1st place winners, $25; 2nd Place winners, $15)
Most Improved
1st Flight: 1st  Jeanne Anne MacDonald, 2nd Deb Kolhwey
2nd Flight:1st   Katie Simpson, 2nd Sally LeClair
Match Play
1st Flight: 1st  Linda Moore, 2nd Helen Brown
2nd Flight:1st  Kris Ramer, 2nd Jeanne Anne MacDonald
1st Flight: 1st Mary Regehr,  2nd Maggy Helm
2nd Flight: 1st Betty Williams, 2nd (tie) – Gigi Dominguez and Julie Richards
30 players had 81 Birdies; 17 on the first day of Club Championship Tournament!

August 16th “Hot Ball”
Meadow/Ranch4 Person team game: 1 person plays their ball; the other 3 play a scramble on that hole. After all 4 people drive, the team decides who is the Hot Ball and the other 3 play a scramble. Each player needs to be the Hot Ball once on the front and once on the back nine.  Record “HB” for the player and corresponding hole
1st / 2nd Place Tie     Score: 164   $4 each
Pat Riddell, Kerri Lambert, Sue Seemann, Mary Brooks
Deb Kohlwey, Mary Byerrum, Beth Daniel, Jennifer Croft
3rd / 4th Place Tie     Score: 167    $2 each
Susie Noel, Gig Dominguez, Kate LaBelle, Suzy Peterson
Cindy Moynahan, Jeanne Anne MacDonald, Madelyne Stevens, Linda Wenzek-Barth

August 9th “Skills Day”  Prizes for Closest to Pin, Drive Closest to Centerline, Longest Putt, Longest Drive, Fairways (most hit on drive), Greenies (most greens hit in regulation), Fishies (making par on hole you found water), Sandies (making par on hole you found sand), Barkies (making par if you hit a tree) and Arnies (making par when never on the fairway). Prizes awarded for two flights.
Flight 1 Winners
1st Place  Mary Byerrum  19 points $6
2nd Place  Susie Noel  18 points $4
3rd Place Deb Kohlwey  17 points $2
Flight 2 Winners 
1st Place Stacy Hoffer  17 points  $6
2nd Place Sue Brooks  15 points  $4
3rd Place Jennifer Croft   14 points  $2
Longest Drive  Ranch #5:
Flight 1 Deb Kohlwey Flight 2 Kris Ramer ($2 each)
Closest to Center Line Drive #2 Meadow:
Flight 1 Mary Regehr  Flight 2 Jan Waldron ($2 each)
Closest to Pin #7 Ranch:
Flight 1 Lori Myers & Pat Riddell (in same group & exact same distance from pin!)  $2  21 ft. 9 1/2 in.
Flight 2 Stacy Hoffer  $2   58 ft. 3 in.
Longest Putt #3 Meadow: 
Flight 1 Mary Byerrum  Flight 2 Stacy Hoffer  ($2 each)

1st Deb Kohlwey (26 $11)
2nd Kris Ramer (27 $9)
3rd Stacy Hoffer (30 $6)
Chip Ins:
1 each (tie): Deb Kohlwey, Stacy Hoffer, Marie Johannes ($8.50 each)

August 2 “ONE” Total for all holes beginning with O,N,E,S. Ridge is front nine, Meadow the back nine. # 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18.
Net Winners
1st Place  Stacy Hoffer  36.5  $10
2nd Place Kris Ramer  37.5  $8
3rd Place Deb Kohlwey  38  $6
4th/ 5th Place (Tie) Cindy Moynahan, Helen Brown  39.5  $4
6th/ 7th/ 8th Place (Tie) Nancy Carmack, Andrea Singleton, Susie Noel 40  $2

1st Deb Kohlwey (27 $10)
2nd Linda Moore (28 $8)
3rd (tie) Lori Myers, Susie Noel (29 $3 each)
Chip Ins:
1 each (tie): Deb Kohlwey, Janet Conneely, Andrea Singleton ($8 each)


July 26th “Match Play” with 50% of the field winning $3 each (and bragging rights).
Deb Kohlwey  5/4
Jeanne Anne MacDonald  5/4
Andrea Singleton 1/0
Jennifer Croft 3/2
Marie Johannes  1/0
Maggy Helm  2/1
Linda Wenzek-Barth  5/4
Stacey Hoffer  4/2
Kerri Lambert  4/2
Mary Byerrum  1/0
Pat Venzke  2/1
Linda Seale  4/3
Beth Daniel  6/4
Sue Seemann  2/0
Julie Richards  7/5
Mary Brooks 2/1

July 19th “Flighted Low Gross/Low Net” Groups arranged by flight with Low Gross and Low Net prizes. Also special prizes for closest to the pin and longest drive, by flight.
Flight 1
Low Gross
1st   Deb Kohlwey (92 $6)
2nd  Cindy Moynahan (94 $4)
Low Net
1st  Maggy Helm (69 $6)
2nd Mary Byerrum (71 $4)
Flight 2
Low Gross
1st  Julie Richards (96 $6)
2nd  Sue Seemann (102 $4)
Low Net
1st place (tie) Diane Bishop, Stacy Hoffer (71  $6)
Longest Drive
Flight 1 Deb Kohlwey on Meadow #2  $4
Flight 2 Mary Brooks on Ranch #9  $4
Closest to the Pin
Flight 1 Lori Myers on Ranch #2  (5 ft. 1 in. $4)
Flight 2 Suzy Peterson on Meadow #4 (3 ft. 9 in.  $4)
1st Place: Diane Bishop (31 $5.50)
2nd Place (tie): Mary Byerrum, Maggy Helm (32 $4)
3rd Place (tie): Linda Moore, Julie Richards, Marie Johannes (33 $2.50)
Chip Ins:
1 Chip In (tie): Mary Byerrum, Jeanne Anne MacDonald, Deb Kohlwey, Betty Williams ($4 each)________________________________________________________________________________________

July 12 “Pet Holes Winners” Before golfers started, they picked out & circled on their scorecard two par 3’s, five par 4’s and two par 5’s. Winners were selected for Low Gross and Low Net (minus 50% of your handicap). Prizes awarded for only gross or net winner (highest proceeds rule in the payout). Those affected indicated by asterisk *.
1st Place: Susie Noel (39 $6)
2nd Place: Cindy Moynahan* (41 $4)
3rd Place (tie): Pat Riddell, Nancy Carmack* (43 $2)
Net  (minus 50% of handicap)
1st Place: Mary Byerrum* (30.5 $6)
2nd Place (tie): Mary Regehr*, Betty Williams (31 $4)
3rd Place (tie): Stacy Hoffer, Suzy Peterson (32 $2)
1st Place:
Deb Kohlwey (29 $6)
2nd Place (tie):
Sandy Williams, Susie Noel (32 $4)
3rd Place (tie):
Nancy Carmack, Beth Daniels (33 $3)
Chip Ins:
1 Chip In: Nancy Carmack ($22 each)
July 5, 2018 “Odds Out-Evens In” The front 9 going out away from the clubhouse was ‘odds out’ and ‘evens in’ means the back 9 coming back in toward the clubhouse. “Odds” were Ridge #1,3,5,7,9 and “Evens” were Meadow #2,4,6,8. Prizes for gross and net winners. Prizes awarded for only gross or net winner (highest proceeds rule in the payout). Those effected indicated by asterisk *. Congrats:
1st Place: Mary Byerrum* (40 $6)
2nd Place: Susie Noel (41 $4)
3rd Place (tie): Deb Kohlwey, Maggy Helm, Linda Moore (44 $2)
Net  (minus 50% of handicap)
1st Place: Mary Regehr* (31 $6)
2nd Place: Helen Brown* (31.5 $4)
3rd Place: Pat Venske (32 $2)
1st Place
: Mary Byerrum (29 $11)
2nd Place: Susie Noel (31 $7)
3rd Place (tie): Deb Kohlwey, Maggy Helm (33 $3)
Chip Ins:
1 Chip In (tie): Sue Seeman, Kris Ramer ($11 each)
June 28, 2018 1st Annual Solheim Cup (Alternate Shot). Team Europe versus Team USA.
Congrats to Team Europe on their 5-4 victory over the US team. Matches were announced just prior to the 8am shotgun start. Holes were awarded as a win, loss or tie. Team with the most wins for the round, won one point for their team.
Members of the winning team are: Susie Noel (captain), Sally LeClair, Deb Kohlwey, Tina Shearon, Jan Conneely, Suzie Peterson, Lori Myers, Mary Brooks, Helen Brown, Julie Richards, Katie Simpson, Diane Bishop, Mary Byerrum, Betty Williams, Nancy Carmack, Sue Seeman, Marie Johannes, Jeanne Anne MacDonald.
USA put up a fight to the end! Members included Pat Wischmann (captain), Lindy Kennedy, Linda Moore, Norma Colosimo, Pat Riddell, Stacy Hofer, Beth Daniel, Mary Regehr, Kerri Lambert, Pat Venske, Maggie Helm, Madelyne Stevens, Gigi Dominguez, Kate LaBelle, Susan Odneal, Sue Brooks, Cindy Moynahan, Jennifer Croft.

June 21, 2018 “1st Annual Pole Creek Ladies Invitational” 4-Woman Scramble With 19 Guests from area clubs and 32 Pole Creek Ladies League golfers attending the inaugural event.
1st Place Team: Lori Myers, Susan Odneal, Janet Conneely and Katherine Mowry (66)
Runner Up Team (determined by card playoff): Maggy Helm, Susie Noel, Nancy Carmack, Mary Byerrum (67)

Longest Drive (Meadow #2): Deb Kohlwey
Longest Drive (Ranch #9): Kerri Lambert
Closest to the Pin (Meadow #4): Sandy Williams
Closest to the Pin (Ranch #2): Lori Myers

June 14, 2018 “Big Girl Day-Gold Tees” Play from the gold tees with additional handicap strokes. Prizes for gross and net winners. Prizes awarded for only gross or net winner (highest proceeds rule in the payout). Those effected indicated by asterisk *. Congrats:
Low Gross 
1st Place: Pat Wischmann (100 $6)
2nd Place (tie): Lori Myers*, Cindy Moynahan* (101 $4)
3rd Place: Deb Kohlwey (103 $2)
Low Net 
1st Place: Mary Byerrum* (79 $6)
2nd Place: Jeanne Anne MacDonald (80 $4)
3rd Place: Linda Seale (82 $2)
1st Place
: Jeanne Anne MacDonald (30 $7)
2nd Place: Cindy Moynahan (32 $5)
3rd Place (tie): Lori Myers, Sandy Williams, Susan Odneal, Deb Kohlwey, Beth Daniel, Mary Byerrum (33 $2/ea)
Chip Ins:
1 Chip In: Kerri Lambert ($24)

June 7, 2018 “Sweet Sixteen” Record each hole on both nines (Ridge/Meadow). Delete one hole from each nine to create your own special version of “sweet sixteen” and then subtract your full handicap for game net score. And the winners:
1st Place 
Helen Brown (50 $6)
2nd Place 
Linda Seale (52 $4)
3rd Place (tie) 
Deb Kohlwey, Jeanne Anne MacDonald (53 $2)

1st Place (tie): Helen Brown, Susie Noel (32 $6)
2nd Place (tie): Kate LaBelle, Jeanne Anne MacDonald (33 $4)
3rd Place: Deb Kohlwey (34 $3)
Chip Ins:
1 Chip In (tie): Kate LaBelle, Helen Brown ($10)

May 31, 2018 “Mystery Holes” JT (Pole Creek Pro) randomly drew the following 9 holes: Meadow 2,3,4,9 and Ranch 2,4,6,8,9.  Prizes awarded for Net only for those nine holes:
1st Place 
Beth Daniel (Net 30.5 $8)
2nd Place 
Jeanne Anne MacDonald (Net 32.5 $6)
3rd Place (tie) 
Linda Moore. Sue Seeman (Net 33 $4)
4th Place
Julie Richards (Net 34 $2)

1st Place: Andrea Singleton (30 $8)
2nd Place: Linda Moore (32 $7)
3rd Place: Maggy Helm (33 $6)
Chip Ins:
1 Chip In (tie): Sandy Williams, Linda Moore, Andrea Singleton, Betty Williams ($5 each)