Ringers And More


Every player has a ‘scorecard’ located in the Ringer book for each of the three 9’s at Pole Creek (Meadows, Ranch, and Ridge). At the start of each season, you record your first set of scores, by hole, by nine. Typically this is the first time you play those 9 holes during Thursday, league play. This is your baseline. Thereafter, any time you play (Thursday or any other day), you update your ‘scorecard’ with the improved score on that hole (and date it). ¬†This continues through the season and ends after the first day of the Club Championship. Your best scorecard is considered your “Ringer” score.

Recording ringers is optional. The ringer binder is located in the ladies bathroom at Pole Creek.

2018 Ringer Winners – Flight 1
1st Place: Mary Regehr
2nd Place: Maggy Helm

2018 Ringer Winners – Flight 2
1st Place: Betty Williams
2nd Place: Gigi Dominguez & Julie Richards


Most Improved Golfers

Most Improved Golfer is awarded at the Membership Luncheon in August, after the Club Championship. This recognizes improvement in GHIN (handicap) based on GHIN from August 15 of the previous season to August 15 of the current season.

2018 Most Improved Golfers – Flight 1
1st Place: Jeanne Anne MacDonald
2nd Place: Deb Kohlwey

2018 Most Improved Golfers – Flight 2

1st Place: Katie Simpson
2nd Place: Sally Leclair