Scorekeeping and Posting Scores


  • The scorekeeper records and computes the gross score for all players on the master card.
  • All players attest that the scores on each hole and the total score on the master card is accurate.
  • We recommend that each player keep a personal card to compare to the master card.
  • All 4 signatures are required on the master card.
  • The Tournament Chairs will calculate the game scores AND automatically post your score to your GHIN. 
  • If you pick up, you are no longer in the day’s game. The Tournament Chairs must include a ‘score’ for each hole (even if you opt to not continue to participate in the game and pick up). Please do the following:
    o   Write an X followed by your “most likely score” , for example:  X7
    o   To calculate the “most likely score”, take the strokes you have already played and add the strokes you would get completing that hole from the point you pick up >50% of the time.  The “most likely score” is not to exceed your “max” for the hole (ESC – Equitable Stroke Control).If you are out of the game, continue to play and record your real score on the card, not your max on holes you play fully. When we post to GHIN on Golf Genius, your score will be adjusted appropriately according to your handicap.
    Scenario 1:  I have teed off on a par three.  I cannot find my ball and rather than return to the tee to hit my third shot, I choose to “pick up” or no longer participate in today’s game.  Since I get a 4 on this hole more than 50% of the time, my most likely score would be a 6.  (original drive, penalty stroke, plus 4).  I would record an X6.
    Scenario 2:  I have put my second shot into the water on a par five; I try again (shot #4) and put it into the water.  I choose to “pick up” or no longer participate in today’s game.  Since my next shot would be number six, I believe my most likely score will exceed my “max” for the hole (ESC-Equitable Stroke Control).  I would record an X8 because 8 is my ESC.
  • All players should keep their own score and putts (if in the putt pot) on a separate card, not on the master card so it remains legible.
  • One person in the group is designated the putt/chip in recorder for the group.  This is a separate scorecard from the game.
  • If you are in the putt pot, state your putts when you are stating your score.
    o   The purpose of this is so that the other players in your group can help you remember if you made a mistake with your # of putts.
    o   We can unknowingly miscount our putts as well as our score and the group can help us remember.
  • Why are the Tournament Chairs now posting everyone’s scores on Thursday League Day?
    o   This is recommended as best practice by CGA and our Pro.
    o   There are a # of mistakes mostly due to lack of understanding of the handicap system and sometimes math errors.
    o   This will improve the accuracy of our handicaps and helps with our compliance to the handicap standards as required by CGA, USGA and GHIN.
    o   Our playing field will be more fair and equitable.
  • DO NOT post your own score on Ladies Day because that will result in duplicate posting.

ALL PLAYERS are recommended to attend the RULES, HANDICAP & GREENS CLINIC ON Thursday July 11th immediately following golf!
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, support and understanding!
Lori Myers and Mary Brooks, Tournament Chairs