Local Rules

Pole Creek Ladies Local Rules

Due to the Corona Virus, temporary modifications of the rules are in place to protect the health and safety of the players and golf course staff.   These temporary adjustments are recommended by the health and safety administrators to the USGA. Do NOT touch the hole. Comply with social distancing requirements ( AT LEAST 6 FEET). Do not gather around the green. Once your ball is holed, leave the green. Wear a mask when applicable.
A HOLED PUTT:  Any ball rolling toward the cup that STAYS in the cup is considered HOLED.  Play on a hole will continue until the ball is holed. 
A CHIP-IN:  A ball chipped or pitched to the hole that STAYS in the hole is considered HOLED.
HOLE IN ONE: Any FIRST shot from a tee box that STAYS in the hole and is witnessed is considered a HOLE IN ONE.

BUNKER PLAY:  During this unusual time of the Pandemic,  the bunkers will NOT have a rake available.  If a player hits into a bunker, you may smooth the sand with your shoe or club following your shot. (You may NOT take a free drop if you draw a terrible lie).  Play the ball where it lies or use the rules to improve your position).  Penalties will be in play.

The following are local rules of golf as they pertain to Pole Creek Ladies Golf:

If behind a 150 yard marker and it interferes with their shot, there are no USGA guidelines that address this problem. A Temporary Local Rule is available to address this issue:  If you are behind the 150 yard marker and it is obstructing your shot– The player may: Remove the stake (Keeping the safety measures of the Covid virus in mind), or take a FREE DROP around the stake (up to one club length), no closer to the hole.

Slope Adjustment Feature on Range Finders. We allow the use of the slope adjustment feature on Range Finders for both Tournament and Club Championship play.

Optional Local Rule E-5 is followed by our group:  https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/golfs-new-rules-stroke-and-distance.html

Stopping Play; Resuming Play (USGA Rule 5.7) How we implement this rule? In the event there is inclement weather, the USGA rules (5.7) will be followed. Play is to be continued unless ‘The Committee’ (JT, the Tournament Chairs, Superintendent) makes the decision to suspend play. The exception enabling a player to discontinue play is if a player believes there is danger due to lightning. The player is to call the Pro Shop and notify JT or Mary immediately. All players will then be notified by the Marshalls to suspend play and seek shelter on the premises of the golf course. You MUST stop immediately when told to stop and mark your ball where it lies. You mark your ball on the course by placing 3 tees in a triangle around your ball so you can place your ball exactly in its original lie/ position.  Players should seek shelter until further notice. A player may not choose to take a break due to bad weather, but may choose to withdraw from the tournament. You will be notified when you can resume play and/or call the clubhouse to see if /when play is resumed, as it takes some time for Marshalls to get out to each group. 

If you have a question on a rule: you should play an alternate ball (second ball marked to identify) to finish out the hole and get a ruling when you finish your round of golf. (You can check with Pole Creek Pro J.T. or any member of the Rules Committee, Pat Riddell is Chair. Check the Volunteer Sheet, online or in locker room, for committee members).