Putt Pot and Chip-Ins

Pole Creek Ladies Golf  2021 Season – Putts and Chip-Ins

Putts and Chip-In Information
With coronavirus in mind and protecting the health and safety of our members, even the Putt/Chip-ins competition has to be modified. In order to keep it simple, keep the committee out of the Clubhouse as much as possible, and to not handle money and paperwork, here’s what we’ve decided.

  • As part of your membership application, you will choose “putt/chip in pot”. You will contribute a $20 flat fee for the thrill of competing in both Putt/Chip-ins. This covers all games except match play days, club championship or some special events. $1 for each Putt and Chip-in competition each week.
  • After play, it will be each foursome’s responsibility to have one participant e-mail Darlene Klancke (darklancke@gmail.com) with results of total Putt/Chip-ins for EACH player in the foursome who is signed up to play the Putt/Chip-ins competition. That designated player must email the results that day ASAP.  If the numbers are not turned in, everyone in the foursome is out of the game for chips and putts. Darlene will record winners and earnings weekly at home.
  • Here comes the joy in this for you! You’ll be identified in our weekly winners email. Then Dar will pass the winners on to Maggy Helm to put into the newspaper, and to the Ladies Club to publish on the website weekly.
  • Prize money will be paid for the season to you at the Club Championship Luncheon.
  • First, second, and third places are paid out from the pot, including ties.
  • If any part of your ball is on the putting surface, then it counts as a putt.

It does not matter what club you use so long as NO part of your ball is on the green.
Total dollars in the pot are divided by the total # of chip-ins to get the amount to be paid PER CHIP-IN.