Club Championship

Club Championship

Our Club Champion is determined after two days of stroke play. Day One, foursome pairings are determined in order of current handicap index. Day Two, the foursomes are re-ordered, based on Day One outcomes. All groups, both days are shot-gun start.
The Club Champion is the winner with the lowest gross score in Flight 1.  Both 1 and 2 Flights award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Gross and Net categories. Tie breaker for the Club Championship will be determined using the USGA Method (last 9, 6,3,1 holes).
Members must have played in 3 weekly events that season to be eligible to participate in Club Championship.
Club Championship is followed by a nice luncheon with all sorts of prizes!

2019 Club Champion  Lori Myers   Congrats!

Lori Myers

First Place Flight 2:  Jeanne Anne MacDonald Congratulations!

Lori Myers & Jeanne Anne MacDonald

Here’s all the winners (* indicates placed in both Gross and Net categories):
  1st place   *Lori Myers  85  82 = 167
  2nd Place  Tie  Cindy Moynahan  94  89  =  183 (And a HOLE IN ONE)
      and Pat Riddell  87  96  =  183
  1st Place  *Linda Seale   67  61  = 128
  2nd Place  Maggy Helm   72  67  = 139
  3rd Place  Linda Moore  69  71  = 140
1st Place *Jeanne Anne MacDonald  95  93  = 188   (and a HOLE IN ONE)
2nd Place *Beth Daniel  100  93  =  193
3rd Place *Betty Williams  98  96  = 194
1st Place  *Madelyne Stevens  63  64 =  127
2nd Place   Andrea Singleton  72  65  = 137
3rd Place  Julie Richards  60  78  = 138

Epic hole-in-one Cindy Moynahan & Jeanne Anne MacDonald
Congratulations, what a day to do it!

Cindy Moynahan & Jeanne-anne MacDonald

1st Flight: 1st Place: Janet Conneely
2nd Place: Helen Brown
2nd Flight: 1st Place: Norma Colosimo
2nd Place: Mary Brooks

2018 Club Champion  Susie Noel   Congrats!

Susie Noel

First Place Flight 2:  Marie Johannes  Congratulations!

Marie Johannes

Two Days of Club Championship Play. August 22 (Ranch/Ridge) & August 23 (Meadow/Ranch) 
Low Gross Flight 1
  1st  *Susie Noel  167
  2nd  Deb Kohlwey  180
  3rd  *Cindy Moynahan  186
Low Net Flight 1
  1st  *Mary Byerrum  133
  2nd  Jeanne Anne MacDonald  140
  3rd   Maggy Helm  143
Low Gross Flight 2
  1st   *Marie Johannes  198
  2nd  *Julie Richards  199
  3rd  Sue Seemann  204
Low Net Flight 2
  1st/ 2nd Tie Mary Brooks and Linda Wenzek-Barth 141
  3rd  Norma Colosimo  146
The event concluded with an “End of the Season” Luncheon hosted by Sue Seeman.

2017 Club Champion Susie Noel.  Congratulations!

Susie Noel

First Place Flight B:  Jeanne Anne MacDonald.  Congratulations!

Jeanne Anne MacDonald

2017 Championship Winners. Two days of play on Ranch/Ridge, Meadow/Ranch
Flight A
Champion: Susie Noel 168 $60
2nd Place: Helen Brown 179 $25
3rd Place: Cindy Moynahan 181 $20
1st Place: Mary Regehr 132 $30
2nd Place: Mary Byerrum 139 $25
3rd Place (tie): Linda Moore and Maggy Helm 141 $10 each

Flight B
1st Place: Jeanne Anne MacDonald 190 $40
2nd Place: Beth Daniel 192 $25
3rd Place (tie): Madelyne Stevens and Pam Brown 201 $10 each
1st Place: Andrea Singleton 138 $30
2nd Place: Sue Seeman 154 $25
3rd Place: Julie Richards 157 $20

Event is being held Wednesday, August 23 and Thursday, August 24 with luncheon to follow at Dar Klancke’s home.  Sign up BY AUGUST 17TH in locker room to participate!

Our 2016 Club Champion is Susie Noel – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


2016 Club Championship Winners

Flight 1 Gross

Flight 1 Gross Champ Susie Noel
Flight 1 Gross 2nd Deb Kohlwey
Flight 1 Gross 3rd Michelle DeFrange

Flight 1 Net

Flight 1 Net 1st  Helen Brown
Flight 1 Net 2nd Marie Johannes
Flight 1 Net 3rd Mary Byerrum

Flight 2 Gross

Flight 2 Gross 1st Beth Daniels
Flight 2 Gross 2nd Cathy Malone
Flight 2 Gross 3rd Kate LaBelle

Flight 2 Net

Flight 2 Net 1st Andrea Singleton
Flight 2 Net 2nd Dar Klancke
Flight 2 Net 3rd Pat Venske