2019 Winners

Winners for 2019 Golf League
7/11/2019 Gold Tees and Red Tees 
Low Gross
1st  *Pat Wischmann  90  $6
2nd  Mary Byerrum  94    $
Low Net
1st  *Lori Myers  68  $6
2nd  Pat Riddell  71  $4
Low Gross
1st  *Linda Seale  93  $6
2nd  *Beth Daniel  95  $4
Low Net
1st  *Betty Williams  64  $6
2nd  Vanessa Reiter  65  $4
* Won in both Low Gross and Low Net categories

1st Place Mary Byerrum (30 $9)
2nd Place (tie) Beth Daniel, Andrea Singleton (32  $5)
3rd Place (tie) Jeanne Anne MacDonald, Kerri Lambert (33 $4)

Chip In 
1 Winner (carryover from last week) Linda Seale  $51

7/4/2019 Gross/ Net Skins Winners 

Gross Skins ($4.50 each)
Stacy Hoffer   Birdie on 13
Maggy Helm  Birdie on 17
Mary Byerrum  Birdie on 1
Gigi Dominguez  Birdie on 6

Net Skins ($4.50 each)
Stacy Hoffer  Birdie on 13
Mary Byerrum  Birdie on 1
Madelyne Stevens  Birdie on 18
Gigi Dominguez  Birdie on 6

1st Place  Julie Richards (32  $8)
2nd Place (tie) Linda Moore, Madelyne Stevens, Pat Venzke (33 $3/each)
3rd Place (tie) Kris Ramer, Mary Brooks, Sue Seemann, Maggie Helm (34 $2/each)
Chip Ins
No chip ins, $25 carry over to next week!

6/20/19 2nd Annual Ladies Invitational  4person Scramble 

1st place $30 each  Team Score 68
Maggy Helm, Mary Regehr, Linda Seale, Pat Venzke 
2nd place $25 each Team Score 69
Cindy Moynahan, Kerri Lambert, Danielle Keen, Sue Seamann
3rd place $20 each Team Score 72
Deb Kohlwey, Natalia Claney, Terry Hoffman, Jody Mitkiin
Tied score and won with a card playoff over Mary Byerrum, Julie Richards, Lori Myers, Susan Odneal

Nearest to the pin
Sally LeClair $15.00 #2 Ranch
Longest drive Natalia Claney $15.00 #2 Meadow


6/12/19 King for a Day – Uno Dos Tres

1st Place Net   110  $6/each
Tom Newton
Pat Riddell
Stacy Hoffer
Andrea Singleton

2nd Place Net  114  $4/each
Jim Myers
Maggy Helm
Helen Brown
Barb Peterson

3rd Place Net  116  $2/each
Michael Zuege
Lori Myers
Kate LaBelle
Jeanne Anne MacDonald

1st Place Maggy Helm (28 $8)
2nd Place Kurt Fuller (29  $7)
3rd Place (tie) Tom Newton, Bill Reinhart, Jeanne Anne MacDonald (31 $5/each)

Chip Ins
Kurt Fuller 2  $20
Deb Kohlwey 1 $10

6/6/19 Gross and Net, Two Flights. Plus Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive

Flight A
Low Gross  Helen Brown 82  $6
Low Net  Pat Riddell  65  $6
Longest Drive  Pat Wischmann $4
Closest to Pin  Pat Wischmann  $4
Flight B
Low Gross  Sue Seemann 86  $6
Low Net  Mary Brooks 66 $6
Longest Drive  Mary Brooks  $4

Closest to Pin  Mary Brooks  $4

1st Place Maggy Helm (29  $7)
2nd Place (tie) Cindy Moynahan & Helen Brown (31 $6/each)
3rd Place Lori Myers (32 $4)

Chip Ins
1 each (tie) Pat Venzke, Katie Simpson, Helen Brown $7.25/each

5/30/19 Nassau Winners. Gross and net winners for front nine, back nine and 18 holes. *Can only win in one category for the day’s rounds.

Low Gross 18 Holes  Lori Myers* 86           $8
Low Net 18 Holes      Jamie Dooley* 68      $8
Low Gross Front 9     Cindy Moynahan* 42 $6
Low Gross Back 9      Deb Kohlwey & Helen Brown 48    $3/each
Low Net Front 9          Linda Moore 34          $6
Low Net Back 9           Beth Daniel 34           $6
* Won in multiple categories

Putt Pot
1st Place 28  Cindy Moynahan                    $7
2nd Place 32 (tie) Mary Brooks & Lori Myers  $6/each
3rd Place 33         Dar Klancke                    $3

Chip-In Pot
1 chip-in (tie)   $5.75/each Jeanne Anne MacDonald, Susan Odneal, Helen Brown, Lori Myers