Match Play Tournament Rules

2021 Match Play Tournament Rules

You must have signed up for Match Play by April 30, 2021.  There is an additional $5 entry fee to cover the prizes for Match Play. Any questions?  Contact Sue Seemann (970-281-1030)

Please be sure you can participate within the parameters of the timeline for Match Play. The FIRST ROUND must be played by 7/2/21. SECOND ROUND completed by 7/23/21, THIRD ROUND by 8/6/21 and FINAL ROUND by 8/20/21.

In Match Play each hole is a separate competition. The player with the fewest strokes on an individual hole wins that hole; the player winning the most holes wins the match.

The number of players depends on our signup. We play with participants divided into an “A” and a “B” Flight. Matches will be set within each flight. There will be a “Winner Flight A” and a “Winner Flight B”.   Prizes will be awarded to the four finalists, winner and runner-up in each flight.

Call your opponent as soon as possible to set up a time to play your match. If one player cannot play within the allotted time, the player who cannot play should forfeit the match. It is important to play ASAP to move the Tournament along. We need to have the Match Play Tournament in each flight completed before the luncheon and Tournament in August. (Tournament dates are August 25 & 26, 2021)
1. Order of Play— The lowest handicapped player has the honor on the first teeing ground and plays first. After that, the player who has won the previous hole has the honor. If a hole is halved or tied, the honor remains with the player who previously held the honor.

To facilitate faster play, play “ready-golf” after the tee shots until both players are on the green.

Once on the green, the player further from the hole goes first. If you play out of this sequence, your opponent may either accept your shot or immediately require you to cancel the stroke and have you replay it in the proper turn.

  1. Scoring— Allow 15 additional minutes before play to check your handicap and your opponent’s handicap and fill in a scorecard for each player. Use the handicap for each player that is on the computer in the Pro Shop the day of your match. Note that your handicap may vary from course to course since each set of 18 Holes at Pole Creek Golf Course has a different Slope Rating. The complete list of Handicap Indexes is available in the Pro Shop. Each player keeps score of the match (for both players) on their own card.

From the computer handicap for each player you will determine how many strokes will be given to the player with the highest handicap. Subtract the lower handicap from the higher handicap. Mark the strokes (“pops”) for the higher handicapped player on each player’s scorecard. Strokes are given according to the handicap difficulty of each hole as they are printed on the scorecard for each of the two 9s you are playing. Net score for each hole determines the winner.

Mark your card on each hole with a + if you win the hole, a – if you lose the hole or an O if you halve (tie) the hole. Or if you are comfortable with keeping a running score (+1, +2, +3, etc.) you may do that.

A match is won when one player is winning by more holes than there are holes left to play. For example, if a player is ahead by four holes and there are only three holes left to play, the player has won the match with a score of 4/3. See “A Match Play Primer” for further explanation.

  1. Concession— In match play, concession of a stroke (usually putt), hole or match is perfectly legal. Such a concession may not be declined or withdrawn.

Conceded putts should only be offered, never requested. A conceded putt must be removed and not holed out.

  1. Tied or “All Squared” Match— A match which ends in a tie, should be played off hole by hole until one player wins a hole. The play-off should start on the hole where the match began. Check with the starter if playing the Ranch or Meadow first and be prepared to blend in with players on the course. Use the same handicap strokes on the same holes as the initial round.
  2. Prizes— Each player has paid $5 toward prizes. Prizes will be awarded to four players at the end of the Tournament, two for each Flight.
  3. Rules Of Golf— All the normal Rules of Golf apply this Tournament.

Good Luck to All. Have Fun! The rest of us will be watching your progress with interest!

Any questions, call Sue Seemann at 970-281-1030. Thanks for participating!