2021 League Schedule

Welcome to Golf in 2021!
May 26th  Spring Membership Luncheon 11:30am-1pm Fontenot’s (or Zoom)

May 27 Meadow/Ranch. Low Gross Low Net: Prizes for low gross and low net.

June 3  Ridge/Meadow.  Drop It: Players will drop their 3 worst holes after the game is played.
Prizes for low gross and low net.

June 10 Meadow/Ranch. Uno, Dos, Tres: Each team will consist of a randomly created ABCD combination. Each player will play their own ball and record their gross scores. Uno: On all par 5’s, the 1 Best Ball will be chosen. Dos: On all par 4’s, the 2 Best Balls will be chosen. Tres: On all par 3’s, the 3 Best Balls will be chosen. Shotgun start and social gathering post-event, Covid restrictions permitting.

June 17 Meadow/Ranch. Aces Wild: Subtract all 1 putts from gross score. Prizes for low gross and low net (100% of handicap).

June 24 Meadow/Ranch. 2021 Pole Creek Ladies Invitational: Ladies only scramble tournament, open to all Grand County Residents, 2nd Homeowners and Friends. Prizes and fun contest holes. Fee: $20 includes lunch, $60 green fee for those without season’s pass.
Note: Low Gross/Low Net if we need to cancel due to Covid regulations.

July 1 Ridge/Meadow. Match Play: Each hole is a separate competition. The player with the higher handicap will be given strokes on the most difficult holes. The player who wins the most holes first, wins the match. 50% of field will be winners!

July 8 Meadow/Ranch. Cha Cha Cha: No, it’s not a dance. It’s a twist on a traditional four-ball format. On the first hole, you count the best ball of the foursome. Second hole, you count the best two. On the third, count the best three. The process then repeats counting the best ball on the fourth hole, best 2 on the fifth hole and so on. All you do is enter your gross score! Shotgun start and social gathering post-event, Covid regulations permitting.

July 15 Meadow/Ranch. Solheim Cup: Team USA vs. Team Europe. On each hole, from each team Player A hits their team’s tee shot, then Player B hits the second shot. Shots are alternated until the ball is holed. Players drive on alternative holes, regardless of who last putted on the previous hole. The Team with the lower score wins the hole. Use match play rules.

July 22 Meadow/Ranch. Tee to Green: Record your gross score and your total number of putts on the scorecard. After play, subtract your putts from your total score. This will determine your total shots from ”tee to green”. Winners determined by the best score minus half your course handicap.

July 29 Meadow/Ranch. Gold Tee Day/Red Tee Option for HI>23: Players with handicap index (HI) equal or less than 22 / Course Handicap (CH) 24 MUST play Gold Tees. HI equal or greater than 23 / Course Handicap 25 play Red Tees unless player opts to sign-up for Gold Tees. Prizes awarded for both low gross and low net for both Red and Gold tees.

August 5 Ridge/Meadow. Best Ball Twosome: Everyone plays own ball, but score that counts will be the better score of the twosome. If you are playing in a threesome, use the best ball of the three. Net winners only. Shotgun start and social gathering post-event, Covid regulations permitting.

August 12 Meadow/Ranch. Stableford: Record your gross score. GolfGenius will compute your Stableford score based on net score. Points awarded as follows: double eagle 5 pts, eagle 4 pts, birdie 2 pts, par 0 pts, bogey -1 pt, double bogey or more -3 pts.

August 25 Ridge/Meadow. Club Championship 
August 26 Meadow/Ranch. Club Championship End of Season Post-Event. Details to come.

September 2 Ridge/Meadow. Tweet Tweet: Birdies are the name of the game. Golfers with the most net birdies, or better, win!

September 9 Meadow/Ranch. Low Gross Low Net

September 16 Meadow/Ranch. 3 Clubs & a Putter: Choose 3 clubs and a putter from your bag. Leave the rest in the car. Record gross scores on scorecard. Don’t post this score with USGA.

September 23  Courses TBD.   Shamble: A twist on scramble. Everyone drives their own ball, go the best ball and then play your own ball from there the rest of the hole. Use the best score from the team.

September 30  Course TBD. Nassau: Prizes awarded for Low Gross and Low Net for the front 9, back 9 and overall 18 holes.

October Open Play