2019 Solheim Cup

Team USA defeated Team Europe 6 1/2 – 2 1/2 on a beautiful sunny day in the mountains. The Solheim Cup moves to the USA this year, and we are now even year/year.  Thanks to Sue Brooks who stepped in to help Team Europe when Helen Brown could not make the match on Thursday.


June 27th – 8:00 AM Solheim Cup Alternate Shot Match Play.  Meadow/Ranch. On each hole, one player (Player A) from each team hits their team’s respective tee shots. Then the other player (Player B) from each team hits the second shot. Then the third shot is hit by Player A, and so on, until the ball is holed. Players drive on alternate holes regardless of who last putted on the previous hole. The teams compare scores, and the team with the lower score wins the hole. Whichever team wins the most holes wins the match.

The pairings (below) are in no particular order and do NOT indicate match opponents.

Team USA:  Captain Pat Wischmann                                 Team Europe:  Captain Mary Byerrum
Honorary Captain:  Susie Noel

 Pat Riddell and Madelyne Stevens                                        Helen Brown and Jeanne Anne MacDonald
Gigi Dominguez and Stacy Hoffer                                          Diane Bishop and Jamie Dooley
Pat Wischmann and Jeanne Nicoulin                                   Sue Seemann and Julie Richards
Linda Seale and Norma Colosimo                                          Deb Kohlwey and Sally LeClair
Cindy Moynahan and Sandy Williams                                  Mary Byerrum and Suzy Peterson
Pat Venzke and Beth Daniel                                                   Janet Conneely and Andrea Singleton
Susan Odneal and Tina Shearon                                           Nancy Carmark and Mary Brooks
Kris Ramer and Vanessa Reiter                                              Lori Myers and Betty Williams
Maggy Helm and Kate LaBelle                                                Marie Johannes and Dar Klancke


–     Match Play rules apply. (Competition is scored by number of holes won rather than strokes in an 18 hole round).
–     Players alternate shots: (Players from each team take turns playing a single ball…beginning with the tee shot…ending with the hole in the cup)
–     Each pair of team members must decide before start of play which player will tee off from odd numbered holes & even numbered holes
–     Teams may concede any putt or any hole.
–     Playing out of turn is a penalty of loss of hole. (Opponents can ask to play the shot over, be mindful of this potentially happening on the greens)
–     Since the Solheim Cup is being played in Europe, Team USA will be announced first and have honors on the 1st hole.
–     Be mindful of pace of play and try to keep play moving.

Every match won tallies 1 point for the winning team.
Every match loss tallies 0 points for the losing team.
Every match ending all square tallies ½ point for each team.
Please indicate the winner of the match on your score card in large print. USA or EUROPE